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Travel to us is all about adventure, exploring and spending quality time together. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and go offline. Just sit around a campfire and reconnect with yourself and the people around you, instead of connecting to Wi-Fi and friends on social media.

We create overnight adventure tours around the globe that enable you to step off the grid and go back to the basics. Are you up for adventure and would you like to explore the possibilities? Send us some smoke signals, call us with your satellite phone, or drop us an email when you’re online. Whether based in the mountains, the middle of the jungle or on a deserted island, together we can create the perfect campfire story.

Our team

Pascal Bosmann


Director of Storytelling

During his first businesstrip for Riksja Travel Pascal made sure to have 4 days off to camp in the wild. This selfmade survival-module turned out to be the highlight of his trip. After working in the travel-industry for eight years and running his own photography studio and outdoor company his many passions merged into Campfire Stories. Pascal: “I can’t wait to let clients experience the ultimate back-to-basic experience anywhere in the world.”


General Camp Manager

Looking for Freek? He’ll be into the wild, making fire, chopping wood and enjoying freedom and simplicity. This all started back when he was a kid,travelling through Norway. And guess what? This still makes him wild!

Frederik Bakker


Chief Officer Firestarter

With over 10 years of experience as a product developer in the travel industry Bas has travelled to 70+ countries and visited 1000+ accommodations. Having slept is some of the most beautiful resorts and lodges in the world, he still prefers to spend a night under thousands of star rather than staying in a fancy five star hotel. He is not one to meditate or do yoga, but in the middle of nature, far away from hectic modern day world, he finds his peace.

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