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Sami experience, a day in the life of a reindeer herder

3 days, 2 nights

A day in the life of a reindeer herder

Sami people are an indigenous people of northern Europe in a region known to most as Lapland. They are known for their herding of reindeer and were traditionally nomadic people. Nowadays they have settled down in villages, but they have managed to preserve their own unique language and culture.
In the north of the Dalarna province, close to the Norwegian border where the vast Taiga forest meets the mountains, you will find the Southernmost Sami community in Scandinavia. Here you will go back to the basics and spend two nights in a traditional tipi style tent. You will sleep on reindeer skins and prepare your food on an open fire or simple gas stove.
You will meet up with the Andersson family, one of four Sami families in the area and they will tell you about their live as reindeer herders. You will also go for a hike with the reindeer, enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you and learn more about the Sami culture. And if they are in a good mood you might even be lucky enough to hear one of them sing a traditional Sami song for you.

Recommended retail price

Independent travel (2 adults)

  • € 425 per adult

Families (2 adults, 2 children)

  • € 295 per adult
  • € 265 per child

Small groups (max 8)

  • On request


  • 2 night in a traditional tipi tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Cooking equipment
  • 2x Breakfast basket
  • Guided hiking with reindeer excursion (incl. traditional coffee)
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